What are the Sparkle Files?

It’s sometimes ironic how the reunification of a friendship over a decade old could manifest itself into a project as liberating as “The Sparkle Files.”  This thing called life is often filled with twists and turns, but every now and then, the universe conspires to make some things come together so seamlessly, you can only call it fate.  It started with a little bitching, a few drinks, and a couple of revelations and ended in The Sparkle Files, a blog for women not afraid to sparkle and shine. Deep down, when you dig through all of our files of discouragement, heartbreak, and dreams unfulfilled, there is that diamond in the rough waiting for us to shine bright enough for the world to see.

Sometimes we take for granted those things we’ve tried filing away into the back of our minds like those breakups from the men you thought you would love forever, the times you knew you had found the perfect career only to discover you or it was not the one, the billion dollar ideas that never seemed to manifest, all of the people that dimmed our light when the vision for our life was not their own, those dreams that we let become lost in oblivion…  Well, maybe it’s time to start a new chapter.  A chapter where we share what we love, allow our lessons to be our stepping stones, and our dreams to become reality.  Don’t be afraid to dream big, sparkle more, and shine bright. Welcome to The Sparkle Files.

With Love and Sparkles,

Angie and Tonia