Black Women’s Equal Pay Day!

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day!

According to reports, Black women had to work every day of 2016 and this far into 2017 to catch up to what white men earned in 2016 alone.
As a professional black woman working in corporate America, and also being a human resources professional, this is an issue very relevant and important to me.
While there have been some very important improvements in advancing the economical gaps that exist between males and females as well as minorities in the workplace, there is still much work to be done.

For every dollar white men earn, Black women earn 63 cents on average. Regardless of the level education, or industry, black women face a lack of equal opportunity in the workplace. This is a harsh and unacceptable truth faced by the demographic who most largely contributes to the U.S. workforce.

I am very fortunate to work in a female dominated environment with intelligent women who understand the disparities that women face in the workplace. However, there are still challenges that we must overcome as a nation in order to alleviate the very disproportionate pay that exist for women, and especially black women. Here are my tips for doing your part to make sure you are earning your worth at work.
1.   Know your worth!
Research your industry, the average salary, your educational level, and years of experience and see how you compare. Websites like and are excellent resources.

2. Speak Up!
If you are not being paid your worth, it might be time to have a conversation with your manager.

3. Know your rights!
Pay discrimination based on sex and race is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil
Rights Act of 1964 and enforced by the EEOC. No, I’m not suggesting for you to go out and file a lawsuit against your employer tomorrow for equal pay. I am however suggesting you be informed of your rights, do your due diligence and take the appropriate actions for your situation.
I hope this helps! Please feel free to email me with any questions.
Sparkly yours,



  1. Necole
    December 24, 2017 / 1:38 am

    Knowing your worth and what you deserve is key. You work hard to earn your degree(s) and gain the experience needed for the particular thing, job, etc. that you are going for. Fight for what you want and deserve within this male-dominated society. I love the advice && tips they are very honest, real, and true.

    • December 24, 2017 / 5:10 am

      Thank you for this feedback! It’s often hard to fight for our worth when we think about the consequences, but we have to remember that we teach society how to treat us.

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