Social Media Lessons

Social Media Lessons

I once used social media to air out a grievance. I will admit, it was perhaps not the most mature or responsible way to handle the situation, but boy did it feel good at the time. What can I say, I’m only human. And besides, cognac and anger don’t mix well… I’m not a person who expresses my disappointments personally through public outlets and I don’t ever tend to again. The experience of doing such has been an eye-opening encounter and I’m sharing the two most important lessons that I learned about posting on social media.

1. You’ve Got Haters!

The most shocking and alarming revelation through this is all was finding out how many people were in fact happy to see me act in such a demeaning way. What I shared was negative and destructive, and surprisingly people whom I considered friends were the ones who were happiest to mock me, re-post and ultimately circulate the negativity. But as the old adage goes, misery loves company.

On the other and, I found out how great of a support system I truly have. I have realized that in challenging times you discover who your real friends are and I’m eternally grateful for mine.

2. Beware Of What You Share

Post responsibly. As a blogger I have generally used social media as a means to link with others about fashion, and other exciting things going on in my life. Over the years I have connected with large retailers and brands to promote great and exciting events or shared my style opinions on the latest trends.  Social media is a powerful tool so be conscious of what you share. Whether you realize it or not, there are many people interested in what you are doing.

I hope that my experience will help you to avoid a social media oops. Remember, spread positivity and post responsibly.

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