New Beginnings 

New Beginnings 

Dear 2016,

On the first night I met you, I just knew that we were doomed from the start. I despised you and knew that you had come to steal my joy and crush my spirits. For months, I woke up hesitantly, wishing you would disappear and praying that everyday would be better than the next. I was broken, and you were holding me captive. As so I thought ….

But then I decided that I wouldn’t let you beat me and that even if I didn’t meet any of the goals that I set at the very beginning, I was done wallowing in my misery. I wouldn’t  let you win. I couldn’t let you win….

I’m looking forward to 2017 with a new outlook, and I realize that your goal was never to break me but to mold me. You put me through the fire to teach me about learning to live with burns. You let me drown, so that I could learn how to better swim. I thought you were sent to break me, but instead you put me back together.  You completed me, when I didn’t even know I was empty, and more than anything, you taught me how to get on my knees to pray and to call on HIM, through the good times and the bad. 

From receiving my dream job to releasing my third novel, you kept reassuring me that the best is yet to come. And then at the end, you reminded me about the beauty of family and the blessing of life. Even when I factor in the things and people I won’t be taking into 2017, the blessings have still heavily outweighed the stressing, and I am forever grateful.

I’m almost sad to see you go, but like footprints in the sand, memories of you may fade but your impression is everlasting. Goodbye 2016 and thank you.



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