Aspire to Inspire

Aspire to Inspire

Last night I set my alarm for 4 am so that my boyfriend and I could get in an early morning work out. He has had his alarm set for 4 am for the last past three months and has only managed to make it to the gym twice. I joked that the only purpose his 4 am alarm serves is to remind me that I have two and a half more hours of sleep. I on the other hand, have had mine set at 4am for four days and today, success! We made it to the gym by 4:30 am! We both did some intense cardio on the stairmaster and treadmill then did some ab workouts and finished it off with the steamroom. We made it back home around 530 am and then settled in to watch last nights episode of Law and Order on HULU. Mid way through the show I glanced over at my phone and realized that I had a missed call from a dear old friend that I hadn’t chatted with in a while. Too captivated by Detective Olivia Benson, I decided I’d call him on my way to work. An hour later as I headed to work I called my old friend and we chatted like old times, we caught up on the latest in each others lives and even shared a couple of laughs. He told me that he had seen my earlier Facebook post where I checked into the gym and it inspired him to get up and exercise. That small bit of information made my day!

I often struggle with how much information to share with others. I in fact pride myself on being a private person. Transparency is not my strong suit due to the fact that I mostly feel that my business is my business. I’d rather not give others an opportunity to have an opinion on matters that frankly, don’t concern them. But as I get older and wiser I have come to realize that nothing that we do is about us. We are placed on earth to fulfil a greater purpose and that is to share the love of Christ. In sharing His love we should aspire to help one another. Because sometimes the circumstances of life seem unbearable and at times, we are faced with difficult challenges and we often wonder just how we will be able to sustain. There have been many time in this year alone that I have felt discouraged. But through faith, and the encouragement of great family and friends I am able to keep moving toward success. So if sharing how I FINALLY made it to the gym at 4 am will help someone to have a better day because they in turn were able to release stress from their troubles, than I am all for it. Don’t be afraid to share your troubles and how you have overcome them. Don’t be afraid to share your fears and how you’ve worked through them, don’t even be afraid to share your success and joys, you never know who needs a little bit of encouragement in this journey we call life.

Sparkly yours,



  1. October 27, 2016 / 3:07 pm

    I agree with you: sharing personal choices is healthy. When you’re open with your actions, and open to the reactions of others to them, that is how you learn and grow. Even if those opinions make you think “maybe I messed up.”

  2. Lillian Zeno
    October 27, 2016 / 4:22 pm

    Well said! Most people say, I give out to much information, I feel giving out information only help other. Now on the other hand if you don’t won’t my opinion fully don’t ask me. Nobody is Perfect! Momma❤️

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