Local Travel Guide: Bite Macarons Houston

If you would have asked me last month if I was a fan of macaroons, the answer would have been emphatically, “Yuck, no.” As cute little macaron shops begin to replace cupcakeries across the nation, after trying them on more than one occasion, I knew that they were not for me, at least not until I had put together the engagement party surprise of a lifetime.

As I planned an engagement party for a macaron lover, I drove to several pastry shops across the city looking for one that was as picturesque as their macaroons and other delicacies would be delicious.

By pure happenstance, I came upon Bite Macaron and instantly fell in love. The manager, Gabe, was more than accommodating to all of our needs and needless to say, the red velvet macarons were love at first bite. And remember, this comes from someone who hadn’t met a macaron they’d liked, EVER.

Being that there would be a professional photographer, present at the event, it was also essential that the location be perfect for photo opps of the future bride and groom. Set in a Italian architectural style shopping strip with lush foliage and a running fountain as the backdrop, the patio of Bite Macaron was a photographer’s dream. And while many macaron shops and bakeries can only comfortably fit a small amount of guests, Bite Macaroon is as spacious as it as modern, and was able to comfortably hold not only the 30 guests present for the engagement but also the additional patrons rotating in and out indulging in their delicacies.


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