The 5 Friends Every Girl Needs

The 5 Friends Every Girl Needs

I am firm believer in women having a great set of female friends.  While male friendships also have their value, at the end of the day, we are women and share some attributes and characteristics that men can only pretend to understand.  When I hear women bicker and complain about not being able to find trustworthy female friends, it saddens me, because I have learned the value of having true friendships.  Most of my friends and I have relationships that have withstood the test of time, and each of my friends adds value into my life.  If you ever need proof or validation on whether someone’s season needs to end in your life, ask yourself two questions, “Where does this person add value into my life, and will my life change for the better without them?”  Below are the 5 types of friend every girl should aspire to have (if you haven’t been blessed with them already):

The Praying Friend

While most friends will pray for you, there is nothing like a close friend that has a close relationship with God and a non-judgmental spirit that will pray “with” you through any circumstance.  Pay close attention to “non-judgmental” spirit, because you don’t want anyone praying for you while interjecting their personal biases on your behalf.  “God, I mean she says she wants to save her marriage, but please send her a new man with a fine brother for me too.”  The things that affect your heart and your sanity are not for anyone to judge but you and God, and sometimes God allows us to go through to appreciate the windfall he plans to bless us with on the other side.  There’s comfort in having a friend that you know will pray for your peace and HIS favor, even in the midst of situations that are not within human understanding.  Your praying friend is the one you call in the midst of any storm, because she understands that where 2 or more are gathered, God is in the midst.  She listens to understand and not  just to respond.  This is the friend that will call and/or text you and ask, “Is there something I can pray about for you,” or just to tell you that she prayed for you  because God put it on her heart.  If you don’t have a praying friend, you better get one.

The Traveling Friend

There is nothing like having the money and time off for a vacation but not having anyone that shares your same resources and/or enthusiasm for travel.  If you know me personally or have been following my blog for an extended period of time, you know that I love to travel.  But even I am just getting comfortable with taking treks out to another city or out the country on my own.  While it is usually easy to find friends to hit up Vegas or Miami, for those women who are more adventurous, finding a trusty travel buddy might be a bit more difficult.  And if you’re a true touristy, adventurer type that cares more about immersing yourself in the culture and ziplining through the forest versus flexing for the Gram, you might not mesh well on vacation with just any of your friends.  I know a bunch of people that have lost friendships over travel escapades gone wrong.  Good travel buddies are hard to find, so if you find the girl that will cross the ocean to explore the world with you, hold on to her tight.

The Married with Kids Friend

Even if you are still dating, most of us aspire to one day get married and have kids, and I am a fond believer in only taking so much advice from your single, childless friends.  While your married with kids friend probably won’t be the one you call for Happy Hour or to invite out to the club, she will be the one that can give you helpful hints to balance marriage and/or a relationship, taking care of a family, and maintaining a career.  And this is usually the friend I call when I need some quick recipes, “serious” relationship advice,  or babysitting tips outside of, “Give them an Ipad to make them shutup.”

The Entrepreneur Friend

In this era of becoming a social media mogul, everyone is an entrepreneur.  Yet, you meet very few talented individuals who are not on the get rich scheme plan selling some product or service that will be irrelevant one year from now.  Your entrepreneur friend is the one that will motivate you to follow your dreams and that will usually have helpful advice and tips for the adversity you face when leaving the security of working a 9-5.  This is the friend who will pass on motivational books, networking event RSVPs, and that is always open to attend leadership conferences and women empowerment events (because they know these are ample opportunities to solicit new clients).  This is the friend with which you can share your dreams, because she is also a dreamer, and both of you have dreams to take over the world.

The Down for Whatever Friend

Every girl needs their ride or die, their road dog until the wheels fall off.  That friend that is down to go anywhere and do just about whatever at the drop of a dime.  Whether it’s a last minute brunch, club takeover, or a ride by your boyfriend’s house when he’s not answering the phone, this friend is probably #1 in your Favorites list in your phone.  This is the friend that knows almost all of your secrets, has dried up most of your tears, and is there for every accomplishment, no matter how big or how small.  Whether you need company while crying into your ice cream or want to go to the bar and chug Hennessy, she’s your girl.  This is also the friend that will probably be brutally honest with you, so you pick and choose what and when to share.  You have probably been friends for years and can’t see life ending without you being two old bitties sitting on a porch in rocking chairs talking ish and reminiscing about  the old days.

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